Universal Rays

Universal Rays Course

The universal Rays course involves a series of 7 attunements that are sent remotely on the same day, ie for example : Wednesday each week for 7 weeks.

Unlike most other attunements, the Universal Rays are best shared in a group or community atmosphere, whether in person or distantly, rather than a one-on-one appointment. This means that when we send the attunements we will send the particular ray you wish to receive to you, while we also send other rays to other people who wish to participate at the same time.

The goal of the Universal rays is to link and connect all people worldwide to unite for the Greater good of the Universe, to share with each other openly to receive these initiations, as we are all from the one universal energy and as such we all choose to join together as one during the attunements.

There has been exceptional results in attuning as a wide and varied number of people at the same time, across many countries and towns worldwide. This energy is not bound by any limits and can be shared amongst many all around the globe at any time.

Each ray represents a universal lesson, and there are 7 of these lessons. Each universal lesson is connected to the function of a chakra. Each ray is separate in and of itself, but like the rainbow, the rays work together to produce the outcome of balance, unity, and understanding.

Each ray is brought forth by an ascended master who serves as a guardian of the higher lesson of that Realm. This system was brought forth from Spirit by Dawn Rothwell.

These rays are not a system of religion, nor are they a healing system like Reiki. While we utilise the chakras and aura, it is not chakra or aura therapy. Instead the rays serve as a self-transformational series which when completed will propel the client further along his or her spiritual path.

There are no pre-requisites to receiving the Universal Rays.

The Seven Realm Rays are as follows:

Root Chakra--One Place--Master Hilarion

Sacral Chakra--One Being--Mother Mary

Solar Plexus Chakra--One Self--Serapis Bey

Heart Chakra--One Heart--Quan Yin

Throat Chakra--One Voice--El Moyra

Brow Chakra--One Vision--Saint Germain

Crown Chakra--One Spirit--Melchizedek

Each attunement is sent remotely.

You will receive

7 remote attunements (One per week for 7 weeks)

The Universal Ray Manual sent to you via email.

Plus a printed certificate complete with Embossed seal on it sent to your home Via Airmail. This certificate will also be personally signed by one of our Universal Ray Workers.

Love and Light

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