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Ra Sheeba

Prerequisite: NIL

Ra-Sheeba is a very powerful Energy System that was founded by Merilyn Bretherick and Peter Johansen in Victoria, Australia. The founders explain the System, "As a collective vibration of humans, we reached the required level of vibration and the vortex of information and energy began to filter through.

The last time that this level was accessed was in Egypt when "The Watchers" vibration finally reached this level. The main players were ready and the one who had the power to pass this on to the people was the Pharaoh. After the Pharaoh died all was lost. These Deities are here and ready to activate this energy once again. This time it will be held by the many and will be valuable in assisting in the ascension status. This time it is not to be abused! And it cannot be as there is not one person or group responsible in holding it. When the many hold it and are able to show integrity, then the greater flow of energy will begin as never before. This is the first time that the "RA" energy has combined with the "SHEEBA" energy".

The SHEEBA sexual energy is creative, joyful and an expression of LOVE. The feminine "part" of this column of Universal Healing Energy, which leads straight to the Source.

The "RA" - The Source, from the center of the Great Central Sun.

The "Sheeba" shows the way to "Ra". Only through "Sheeba" can we access "Ra" and find our true path Home.

The RA~SHEEBA healing works directly on the Chakras. Changing our DNA and electro-magnetism. In doing so it teaches us and connects us to LOVE. Love being the thing that helps us progress on all levels.

We need to hold the Energy and allow the vibration to change us. Hold the Light. Show our Light to all and see who recognizes the Light.

Each attunement takes approximately 30 minutes and is sent remotely.

You will receive

2 remote distance attunements.

An indepth Manual sent to you via email.

Plus a printed certificate complete with Embossed Seal on it sent to your home Via Airmail. This certificate will also be personally signed by one of our RaSheeba Masters.

Love and Light

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